Masonic Requirements: How to Join


...Could you please tell me what the requirements are? How could I join?...

The absolute requirements for becoming a Mason in the State of Georgia are:
  • Be a man. (It's a fraternity)
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have belief in a Supreme Being of any faith.
    (No particular religion or faith is required or excluded.)


  • You should be someone who does, or wants to learn to, enjoy the company of other men from all different social classes, faiths, backgrounds, races, countries, etc. Masonry is universal in its ideals.
  • If you are a family man, Masonry considers that your family obligations come FIRST, so you must be sure that:
    • You have the time to participate (usually two or three evenings per week at first for instruction, and then at least two evenings per month for meetings. From then on -- often more if you get involved in lodge activities and fund raisers.)
    • You can afford the initiation fees and the annual dues without causing hardship to yourself or your family.
  • You should be coming to Masonry "of your own free will and accord", to learn to improve yourself and to enjoy the company of other good people, not because someone keeps pestering you to join or because you think it will help you "get ahead" in business.

To join, all you have to do is ... Ask a Mason:

  • Masons do not solicit for membership nor do they sponsor anyone for membership.
  • To join, all you have to do is Ask a Mason for a Petition for Membership. Preferably from a Mason you have known for at least six months who is a member of the lodge you wish to join or get a Petition from the Secretary of the lodge you wish to join. As per the rules and regulations established by the Grand Lodge of Georgia, and followed by all 450 plus subordinate lodges in Georgia, you must fill out the Petition in your own hand and have two willing Masons that have known you for at least six months sign your Petition as Recommenders. One or both of the Masons signing your Petition must be a member of the Lodge you wish to join. Although, the second Mason signing the Petition may be from another Lodge in another City or State that is recognized by the Grand Lodge of Georgia. The two Masons that sign your Petition are obligated to only recommend a candidate knowing that he is of good moral and upright character and that he will conform to our Masonic Fraternity. The Grand Lodge of Georgia does not allow any of its subordinate lodges to make any variations or exceptions to the membership rules and regulations. Having a relative that is or was a Mason does not provide a free pass to become a Mason. You must come to Freemasonry with your own integrity and by taking the very same footsteps all Masons have taken for centuries. It's all about the merits you bring to Freemasonry, not another Mason's merits.
  • At Lawrenceville Masonic Lodge No. 131, starting in 2009, the initiation fee for all three degrees is $250.00 and the annual dues are $175.00. The initiation fee includes all three degrees and the first year's dues. The initiation fees and annual dues will very from lodge to lodge.
  • Return the completed Petition with the recommender's signatures plus the initiation fee to the Lodge or have the Mason that provided the Petition to you return it to the Lodge for you.

If you do not know a Mason or having a problem finding a Mason to sign your Petition:

  • Check the Lodge membership list by stopping by the lodge before the meeting starts. You may know some of the Lodge members as a neighbor were you live, work, play or go to church. The membership list on the Lawrenceville Lodge web page is for members only.
  • If you do not know any Masons, check the place you work, clubs, church and other organizations you may belong to. Some men do not let it be known that they are masons unless you ask around.

If you still can not find any Masons you know:

  • Periodically visit the Lodge you wish to join before the meetings begin and get acquainted with the members and officers of the Lodge. Also come to any of the fund raisers, open events and open meetings to get acquainted with the Lodge members.
  • In just six months, you can request a Petition for membership. Many good men have become Masons and officers of the Lodge by following this simple advice.

Finding a Lodge in Georgia:

  • To find a Lodge near you in the State of Georgia, go to the Grand Lodge of Georgia web site and look at the list of Georgia Lodges.
  • Visit, e-mail or write the lodge a letter and tell them of your interest.

...What happens when a completed Petition is returned to the Lodge?...

When a completed and signed Petition is returned to the Lodge, it is read to the brothers of the lodge by the lodge secretary. The Master of the lodge will assign a three man investigating committee to investigate and meet with the potential candidate and hopefully his family too. The investigating committee will meet with the potential candidate at his home, the lodge building or elsewhere. The investigating committee will report back to the lodge at the next meeting and give their favorable or unfavorable report to the lodge brethren. The Master of the lodge will ask all the brothers in the lodge to vote by secret ballot on the candidates Petition. One negative vote will deny the candidate from joining the lodge and his initiation fee will be returned. Although it is rare for a candidate to receive a negative vote, he can re-petition the lodge in one year. Upon a favorable vote, the lodge secretary will contact the candidate to inform him of the date and time when he should come to the lodge and receive the Entered Apprentice Degree.

...What happens after receiving the Entered Apprentice Degree?...

The Entered Apprentice Degree is a ceremony whereby the candidate receives a number of lessons and lectures. The candidate will also take an active role in the ceremony which involves standing, walking and kneeling. After the candidate receives the Entered Apprentice Degree, he will be assigned a coach to teach him of the journey, lessons and lectures he just experienced. The candidate will stand a verbal examination before the lodge brothers while being verbally examined by his coach. Your coach will know when your ready to stand examination. The Master of the lodge will ask all the brothers in the lodge to vote on the candidates examination and petition to advance to the next degree. It is very unlikely that a candidate will fail the examination after being coached. It is best if a candidate can meet with his coach at least twice a week or more often to prepare himself for the examination he is about to take. The Fellowcraft and Master Mason degrees will also have more lessons and lectures whereby the candidate continues to take an active role in the ceremony. Your coach will also prepare you for the examinations in the Fellowcraft and Master Mason degrees as you progress through all three of the degrees.

I hope this helps.....


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