These are reasons why I just say NO!

No one can ever tell me what to think, what to say and what to do or not do. I believe the Founding Fathers got it right by spelling out the "Bill of Rights" in the first ten amendments. These ten amendments are the peoples rights, not the governments rights. The united States is the only country in the world that has a "Bill of Rights". My Christian and conservative beliefs are my moral compass. I strongly believe in the first and second amendments. I am an advocate for Pro-Life, small government and do not support the political agenda and lies of climate change.

When I was growing up, I met any people that immigrated from Europe, Asia and South America. These people told me stories of life in their countries under socialist rule. Some escaped from Communist countries leaving everything behind that they could not carry. They legally came to America for a new life and freedom. They told me that socialism is not glamorous as the young people of today think it is. I just can not stand it when the Democrats, liberals and socialist give illegal's free everything just for stepping foot on American soil while American Citizens pay taxes and get nothing in return.

The cancel culture is destroying our country. They want to make products racist and companies to be ashamed of these products that we have grown up with for decades. They want to destroy the great and not so great history of this country by taking down or destroying statues. They want to defund the police departments across the country and burn down shops owned and run by local citizens. They make people ashamed of there race and heritage that they brought to this country as legal immigrants.

In Genesis 2: 24, GOD created the owners manual for men and women. It was simple and precise when HE said "Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh." There are those that just can not comprehend this simple, yet precise statement in GOD's manual for life, the Holy Bible. I will not conform to the beliefs of those who think I should approve their lifestyle. What goes on behind closed doors does not concern me, but just do not try to make me feel guilty for not accepting your perverted lifestyle.

Buyers Remorse! That's what some people are saying about the two idiots they voted for that currently occupy the White House. We were heading into prosperity and now we are seeing massive inflation, higher gas, oil and food prices. Even with numerous jobs available, too many people choose to get subsidies rather than work for a living. With the rising costs on everything we buy, us American citizens living on a fixed incomes suffer the most with all the regulations and mandates coming from the White House. Now, the White House even wants to give $450,000.00 to illegal's just for illegally entering the United States.

"Let's Go Brandon"

These are Woke and Liberal Companies I just say NO to.

Kellogg'sBen & Jerry's
CBSPearl Milling Co.
Ben's OriginalYouTube
DisneylandDisney World
Dick'sSalvation Army
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This list of Woke and Liberal Companies will be updated periodically.


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